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Post your Favorite Army Lists Here!
« on: November 06, 2003, 01:22:59 PM »
Hey folks!

This thread is for posting your favorite army lists.  I'm going to try and put them into a compilation in the War Room for the newer players.  If you have a race-specific army list, like the Vampire Slayers or the Orc Slayers, make certain you indicate that in your post.  Try and keep comments down on other folks lists, unless it is illegal or truly unique in some fashion.  Please no "nice list" comments!  Of course it is a nice list it is on this site :D

I will go back and edit out comments if necessary to insure the "purity" of the thread.  You can post multiple lists, just put them in different posts please so that it isn't hard to read.

NO ARMY BUILDER FORMAT POSTS!  I will SO delete your post and send you a nastygram to boot!

I apologize if comments aren't wanted in this thread, delete or move if necessary.

I'd like to make the suggestion that people comment their armylists. If we readers got a bit more info on why the different units are in the army it would be even more useful. Just simple stuff like :

"this unit will be my anvil unit that will try to hold the center while i flank" or
"this unit is only here to secure my right flank against skirmishers and fast movers".

Observations from the designers on the strengths and weaknesses of the lists would also be great.

I concur on this and all army lists post would be much better with these comments.
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Post your Favorite Army Lists Here!
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2003, 01:27:09 PM »
*edit* per simon's request

Elector Count (Leads Spears)
Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Armour of Meteoric Iron
"Use his LD to max effect and hopefully absorb some attacks"

Hand Weapon; Lance; Shield; Full Plate; Pegasus
"See the Pegasus Tactica By Atchman"

Battle Wizard (Joins Spears)
Hand Weapon; Level 2 Wizard; Dispel Scroll(x2)
"Typical Scroll Caddie"

Captain (Leads Swords)
Hand Weapon; Battle Standard Bearer; Full Plate; Banner of Sigismund
"Hopefully the Stubborn will keep the Swordsmen around to watch my flank, and the Captain can add some damage"

28 Spearmen
Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician; Shield; Griffon Standard
10 Free Companies
10 Free Companies
"This unit will be used to hold the centre and to fight against the enemies toughest"

29 Swordsmen
Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician
10 Free Companies
10 Free Companies
"With the Stubborn from the Banner of Sigismund, these will be to the flank of the Spearmen, hopefully preventing flank charges on the Griffon Unit"

5 Huntsmen
"Warmachine and Character hunters, also March Blockers"

10 Handgunners
Champion; Hochland Long Rifle
"Cause a little extra damage and go character hunting"

10 Handgunners
Champion; Hochland Long Rifle
"Cause a little extra damage and go character hunting"

6 Knightly Orders
Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician
"Adds a little punch.  Hopefully will charge enemies flank when held up by swords and spears"

5 Pistoliers
"Same as knights"

Helblaster Volley Gun

Helblaster Volley Gun
"Volley guns will be used to plug holes in terrain and to protect the handgunners/flank"

This list is 4-0 having beaten a Lizardmen army (2nd Generation Slann), a Necromancer army (4 Necros including a master), a Dwarf army artillery army, and a Skaven Hoard army.
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Post your Favorite Army Lists Here!
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2003, 02:29:56 PM »
The Mountainguard of Averland (2000 points)

Grandmaster of the Order of the Sullen Crescent, Warden of the Blackfire Pass - cavalry hammer, Helm of the skavenslayer

Warrior Priest of Sigmar - heavy armour, great weapon

Warrior Priest of Ulric - heavy armour, great weapon

Battle Wizard - level 2, Dispel Scroll, Doomfire Ring (lore of fire)

11 Inner Circle Knights of the Sullen Crescent (as White Wolves) - full command, War Banner

25 Swordsmen - full command
Detachment: 10 free company
Detachment: 5 archers

25 Halberdiers - full command
Detachment: 10 free company
Detachment: 5 archers

10 Handgunners - marksman with repeater handgun
Detachment: 5 crossbowmen

5 Bergjaegers (Huntsmen)

5 Pistoliers - marksman with repeater pistol

Great Cannon

12 Flagellants

This list aims for a standard obique attack, while at the same time using what I believe are 'fluffy' choices for the famous Mountainguard of the Blackfire pass. The inner circle knights together with their Grandmaster provide a psycology-immune 'hammer' unit, one of the heaviests threats The Empire can produce. I could have gone all the way and taken the Laurels of Victory, but I would prefer not to spend too many points, even on this unit. The Helm is there purely because I have an irrational liking for it, not because it is much good, and it would probably be better to trade in both it and the Warbanner in favour of the banner of Arcane Warding.

The two priests, each leading an infantry unit, help to compensate for the mostly-absent leadership of the general. By taking one of each priest, I maximise the chances of having hatred against my opponent, and also increase the selection of prayers I have access to. With four power dice and three bound spells I have a reasonable chance of getting off a prayer or spell or two - my magic defence is also pretty good at 5 dice, and a scroll for emergencies.

For my infantry units I chose swordsmen and halberdiers, since these are the weapons favoured by the Mountainguard (according to the Mordheim Averlanders pdf). The archer detachments can act as a missile screen, or move forwards to marchblock and annoy the enemy. Pistoliers and huntsmen are present as in almost every list I write (because they are great of course!).

The handgunners, crossbows and cannon serve as the (rather light) fire section of the army. The flagellants join them to hold the flank as only they can.

Not the most powerful list there is, but I like it. :roll:
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« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2003, 03:34:56 PM »
Elector Count (in Swordsmen): AoMI, Dragon Bow, Sigil of Sigmar, Doomfire Ring Great Weapon
Warrior Priest of Sigmar (in IC Knights): Heavy Armor, Great Weapon, Icon of Magnus, Barded Warhorse
Wizard: Level 2, 2 Scrolls
Wizard: Level 2, Rod of Power

24 Swordsmen: full command, Griffon Standard
-1 detachment of 10 Free Company

10 handgunners

5 I.C. Knightly Orders

5 I.C. White Wolves: War Banner

5 Huntsmen

20 Greatswords: Full Command
-2 detachments of 10 Free Company

12 Flagellants

1 Great Cannon

1 Helblaster

Edit: Rather than the Doomfire Ring, another option would be to give the unit of 5 Knightly Orders & Priest the Steel Standard.
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« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2003, 03:41:05 PM »
This is the army I’m going to use at a tournament in the weekend. I’m going to do a tournament rapport over it :) It looks pretty much like my normal list, except that I normally use a steam tank.

2200 points empire:

Elector count @ 116
Armour of meteoric iron great weapon
Captain @ 122
Pegasus, full plate, Great weapon, Enchanted shield
Warrior priest of sigmar @ 117
great weapon, heavy armour, warhorse, barding
Battle wizard @110
2xdispel scroll

25 Swordsmen @ 250
full command, griffon banner
     Detach 1: 10 Handgunners @ 80
     Detach 2: 10 Free companies @ 50
25 Swordsmen @ 200
full command
     Detach 1: 10 Handgunners @ 80
     Detach 2: 10 Free companies @ 50
5 Knightly orders @ 171
Inner circle, standard, the steel standard
5 knightly orders @ 156
standard, warbanner
6 white wolves @ 184
inner circle, standard

1 great cannon @ 100
1 great cannon @ 100
1 mortar @ 75
5 pistoliers @ 112
marksman, reapeater pistol

1 helblaster @ 125
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« Reply #5 on: November 06, 2003, 04:13:20 PM »
    Lord and Heroes:

    Elector Count : 190 pts.
    General, Full Plate Armour, Shield.
    Sword of Sigismund, Holy Relic.

    Battle Standard Bearer (Captain): 125 pts.
    Battle Standard.
    Sword of might, Armour of Meteoric Iron.

    Battle Wizard: 140 pts.
    Lvl. 2.
    Dispel Scroll, Sigil of Sigmar.

    Battle Wizard: 145 pts.
    Lvl. 2.
    Dispel Scroll, Doomfire Ring.

    Core units:

    25 Swordsmen (Count's troops) 390 pts.
    Full command, 2 detachments.
    Banner of Griffon
     Detachment 1:
     - 12 Free Company (60 pts.)
     Detachment 2:
     - 10 Handgunners (80 pts.)

    8 Inner Circle Knights 273 pts.
    Full command.
    War Banner.

    12 Archers 96 pts.

    5 Huntsmen 56 pts.


    1 Mortar 75 pts.

    1 Great Cannon 100 pts.

    6 Pistoliers 131 pts.
    Marksman w. repeater pistol.


    14 Flagellants 154 pts.

    1 Helblaster 125 pts.

    Total: 2000 pts.[/list:u]
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    « Reply #6 on: November 06, 2003, 04:58:48 PM »
    The Colleges of Magic go to WAR!

    Wizard Lord (Fire) - Lvl4 upgrade, Holy Relic, Van Horstmans Speculum, Doomfire Ring
    BSB - Full Plate, Imperial Banner
    Swordsmen *25 - Full command
    Detach - Free Company *12
    Detach Halberdiers *12

    Handgunners *10 - Marksman w/Hochland

    Wizard (Heavens) - Lvl2 upgrade, 2* Dispell Scrolls
    Handgunners *10 - Marksman w/Hochland



    Pistolliers *5 - Marksman w/repeater pistol

    Knights Templar *9 - Full command, all inner circle, Warbanner
    Wizard (Light) - Lvl2 upgrade, Rod of Power, Barded warhorse

    Huntsman *5

    All comes to 2000pts of magic laden death :twisted:
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    « Reply #7 on: November 06, 2003, 05:23:02 PM »

    Empire Army List:  2150

    266 Grandmaster of the White Wolves, Laurels of Victory, White Cloak

    159 Warrior Priest, great weapon, steed, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Sigil of Sigmar

    144 Captain, full plate, shield, great weapon, Icon of Magnus, Pegasus

    110 Wizard, 2 Dispel Scrolls

    289 8 IC Knights of the White Wolf, full command, War Banner

    273 8 IC Knights Panther, full command, Steel Standard

    155 5 Knights of the Blazing Sun, full command

    105 10 Handgunners, Marksman, HLR

    105 10 Handgunners, Marksman, HLR

    131 6 Pistoliers, Marksman, Repeater Pistol

    100 Great Cannon

    184 4 Ogres, great weapons, champion, standard

    125 Helblaster

    2146 Total

    Trying out a "vastly different from my usual" list. I'm hoping to have the speed and ability to go mage hunting, and the punch to crumble a flank and roll up the line.

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    « Reply #8 on: November 06, 2003, 06:14:16 PM »
    Hello. Had to edit the army, my gaming group has dropped down to 2000pt games.

    The army of New Solland.


    Elector Count (goes with the Greatswords)
    Sword of Sigismund, Holy Relic
    Full Plate, Shield

    Warrior Priest (Spearmen unit)
    Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield
    Sigil of Sigmar, Doomfire Ring

    Battle Wizard
    Lv2, Rod of Power

    20 Swordsmen
    Full Command

    20 Halberdiers
    FC, Shields

    25 Spearmen (Priest's Unit)
    Champion, Musician, Shields

    Detachment: 10 Free Company: 50pts

    20 Spearmen
    FC, Shields

    10 Handgunners

    10 Handgunners

    10 Crossbowmen


    20 Greatswords (Counts Unit)
    FC, Banner of Valor

    Detachment: 10 Free Company: 50pts

    Great Cannon 100pts

    Mortar 75pts

    Total: 2000pts

    My current tactics:

    Generally my plan has been to try and reduce a few ranks on enemy units and then charge in. The swordsmen tend to be a bait unit against stronger units. I usually put them next to the Greatswords then have them flee when the enemy charges them, hopefully exposing their flank to the Generals unit.  Recently I have been experimenting with leaving the Halberdiers guarding missile troops and war machines. While I might lose one unit to skirmishers or Fast Cavalry they tend to run into the Halberdiers more often than not. Everything else tends to support each other.

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    « Reply #9 on: November 06, 2003, 09:57:29 PM »
    2000p army.


    Elector count, great weapon, van horstmanns speculum, armour of meteoric iron @ 141
    (Providing leadership and some punch for rank and file troops.)

    lv 1 wizard, 2 dispel scrolls. @ 110
    (Just adding some magic protection)

    Hero on pegasus, lance, full plate armour, shield @ 114
    (Marchblocking, warmacine hunting etc.)

    Mounted warrior priest of sigmar, heavy armour, barding, great weapon, icon of magnus @ 147
    (This guy will help my knights out and also add a dispel dice)


    24 Swordsmen, full command, griffon banner @ 353
    Detachment 1: 8 halberdiers
    Detachment 2: 10 free companies
    (Represents the main infantry block. Used to hold the center and guard the elector count which will probably stand in this unit)

    24 Spearmen, full command, shields @ 290
    Detachment 1: 5 archers
    Detachment 2: 10 free companies
    (A defencive unit used to hold a flank and eventually protect a cannon)

    10 Handgunners @ 80
    (These two units will stand in the center, shooting at the enemies's infantry blocks and knights)

    10 Handgunners @ 80

    5 IC Knights, full command, war banner @ 195
    (This unit and the WP creates a powerful punch at the right flank together with the pistoliers.)

    5 Huntsmen @ 50
    (Mainly used for marchblocking)


    6 Pistoliers, marksman, repeater pistol @ 131
    (Cooperating with knights and taking out small units)

    1 Great cannon @ 100
    (The cannon's task is to destroy warmachines and to whipe out characters and the most dangerous elite units of the enemy.)

    1 Great cannon @ 100


    1 Helblaster @ 125
    (Used for making the enemy not wanting to attack the obvious weak left flank where the spearmen are positioned)

    Total: 1997
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    « Reply #10 on: November 06, 2003, 10:48:43 PM »
    Lords and Heroes
    Elector count- great weapon, full plate armour, Holy Relic = 143

    Captain- BSB, full plate armour, banner of sigismund= 143 *Leads swordmen without griffon banner*

    Wizard- dispel scroll, dispel scroll= 110

    Warrior priest- Barded warhorse, great weapon = 115 *leads IC knights*

    24 swordsmen, command, griffon banner = 293
    Detachment 1- 10 free company

    24 swordsmen, command= 243
    Detachment- 10 free company

    10 handgunners= 80
    10 handgunners=80

    5 knights of the inner circle, command, warbanner 195

    20 Greatswords, command = 290
    Detachment- 10 free company

    5 Pistoliers, marksman w/repeater pistol= 112

    1 cannon= 100

    1 helblaster= 125

    Total =1999 points.

    This army is an army I sometimes use as an all comers list. It is very user friendly and easy to play with. The infantry holds the line while the shooting weakens key units and the Cavalry and Pistoliers perform flanking manouvers.

    The key to the army is the fact that there are 2 stubborn units and a unit with the griffon banner and a  battles standard lurking around also which makes it a very hard army to beat in combat. I like this army and I think it can be utilised by newer players to the game against newer opponents and will fair quite well.

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    « Reply #11 on: November 07, 2003, 09:34:46 AM »
    Baron von Grensvent's border army

    Baron von Grensvent: Elector count
    Has a 4+ ward save and rides around on Beaky the griffon, wildly flailing around with a great weapon.

    Grensvent jr. Captain
    Has a dragon bow and rides around on Ol' Flappy the pegasus

    Sir Prayalot: Warrior priest of Sigmar
    He and his unit are immune to fear and he rides around on a warhorse

    The wizard:
    A 1st level wizard, but everyone thinks he's fourth level
    Rides around on a horse and carries 2 dispel scrolls with him.

    The red knights of the inner circle
    6 hard knights with full cmd. Banner of +1 CR

    The blue knights
    5 hard knights, banner which gives +d3 movement. Sir Prayalot rides with these. Banner + first knight

    The red and blue knights
    5 die-hard knights. The wizard rides with these guys.
    First knight.

    The young uns: Pistoliers
    5 pistoliers

    The even younger uns: Pistoliers
    5 pistoliers

    The castle guard:
    20 swordsmen, full cmd: elector's troops: banner of the griffon
    Detachment 1: 5 archers (pub arrow shooting contest winners)
    Detachment 2: 10 free company troops (the pub crowd)

    The gatherers: 5 huntsmen

    The diseased: 10 flaggalants

    For the benefit of Simon:

    Position the knight units opposite the weakest units of the enemy (lines of crossbow men or archers or whatever).
    Position the griffon for best chance of a flank attack.
    Position the pistoliers as a shield for knights, or in best positions to flank attack.
    Position the swordsmen, detachments and flaggalants opposite the enemies best troops.
    Position the pegasus to take out lone wizards and warmachines.

    The enemy will have to use everything available to try to halt the onslaught of very fast units.
    This gives the infantry time to move forward and get the best possible position for combat.

    The basic idea is to pierce the enemy line in one or two points, swivel the knights about and force the enemy's best unit into the infantry, charging them from behind.

    After its initial flank charge, the griffon just prances about scaring anything it can and charging anything I think it can handle.

    The dispel scrolls are for the first round (or maybe second) of the game, to absolutely block anything aimed at the initial march and charge of the knights.

    I believe it to be essential to pierce the enemy lines in round two. If this doesn't happen, I fear the battle will become messy at best.

    I'm still busy building this army, so I can't report on its merits quite yet.
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    « Reply #12 on: November 07, 2003, 04:12:26 PM »
    Here is the list I won 3 RTT's in a row.  Then got slaughtered in my 4th.


                                SKEETER’S EMPIRE  2150 TOURNY LIST

    *HOLY SISTER BERTHA---(SIGMAR)----------------------148

    *BROTHER GUNTHER –(ULRIC)--------------------141

    *THE REVEREND SCHULTZ,-(SIGMAR---------------------151

    *WIZARD ATREMUS -------------------------------------310

                                           CORE TROOPS
    1 DETACHMENT OF 10 HALBERDIERS -----------------------60
    1 DETACHMENT OF 10 MILITIA ----------------------------------50

    (This unit is led by Holy Sister Bertha, this unit not only gains hatred, but her great weapon makes her a character killr.  All round good combat unit.  Have two detachments, one to sacrifice and draw charges, the other for the counter charge.)
    1 UNIT OF 10 ARCHERS--------------------------------80

    1UNIT OF 9 HUNTSMEN-------------------------------------90
    The skirmish archers are for counter light cavalry, and the huntsmen are for march blocking and wizard hunting)

    1 UNIT OF 10 HANDGUNNERs WITH MARKSMAN ----------------105

    1 UNIT OF 10 HANDGUNNERs WITH MARKSMAN -------------105
    1 DETACHMENT OF 5 CROSS BOWS----------------------40
    The two handgunner units are for really being pesky and forcing the enemy to come to me or be slowly killed off.  The two marksmen are for character and champion killing)

    1 DETACHMENT OF 10 HALBERDIERS ----------------60
    1 DETACHMENT OF 10 MILITIA  ----------------------50

                                              SPECIAL TROOPS
    1 UNIT OF 20 GREAT SWORDS WITH COMMAND-------------270
    (These GS are led by the WPoU that makes them immune to fear, terror and panic when the prayer works.  A great unit that will stay the whole game except when charged by Paul Sawyers chariots)

    2 GREAT CANNON WITH CREW -------------------------200

    1 UNIT OF 6 PISTOLIERS ------------------------------------114
               (LED BY WARRIOR PRIEST)

                                                                                                                            TOTAL = 2149

    MODELS: 137
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    « Reply #13 on: November 07, 2003, 06:50:07 PM »
    Elector Count  @ 141 Pts
         Great Weapon
         Armour of Meteoric Iron
         Van Horstman's Speculum

    Warrior priest @ 115 Pts
         Great Weapon
         Heavy Armour

    Battle Wizard @ 110 Pts
         Magic Level 1
         Dispel Scroll
         Dispel Scroll

    1 Captain @ 76 Pts
         Great Weapon
         Full Plate Armor

    27 Swordsmen Count's troops incl. full command @ 354 Pts
         Banner of Griffon
         10 Detachment - Free Company
          8 Detachment - Free Company
    5 Reiksguard Knights incl. full command @ 195 Pts
    6 Knightly Orders @ 162 Pts
         Incl. musician and first Knight

    12 Handgunners @ 156 Pts
         incl. musician and marksman with Hochland Long Rifle
         6 Detachment - Free Company
    10 Handgunners @ 110 Pts
         incl. musician and marksman with Hochland Long Rifle

    5 Huntsmen @ 50 Pts
    6 Pistoliers @ 131 Pts
         incl. Marksman with Repeater Pistol

    1 Great Cannon @ 100 Pts
    1 Great Cannon @ 100 Pts
    1 Mortar       @ 75 Pts
    1 Hellblaster  @ 125 Pts

    Casting Pool: 3
    Dispel Pool: 4
    Models in Army: 115

    Total Army Cost: 2000
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    « Reply #14 on: November 09, 2003, 03:19:50 PM »
    Grandmaster Echols Expedition:

    Grandmaster Echols and his Knights Panther Cavalry division has been assigned to Altdorf on ceremonial duty.  This is part of the normal rotation of all of the "old" knightly orders.  A massive Chaos incursion calls most major combat units back to the north.  At the exact same instant, one of the Dukes of Bretonnia decides to start a border skirmish.  Karl Franz, the Reiksgaurd and all of the Steamtanks move northward.  Karl dispatches Grandmaster Echols, and a ragtag force from the city of Altdorf, College of Engineers, and a wizard from the rarely assigned College of Light to assist Grandmaster Echols on the border.  

    (Note this list is similar to Queeks, great minds think alike.  Count Von Aichmaan is at home recovering from wounds suffered from the feared necromancer-zombie Festus, at the Battle of Wurzhofen)

    Grandmaster Echols Expedition:

    Grandmaster Echols, Grandmaster of the Knights Panther, Laurels of Victory (deployed as a floater)=230 pts

    Wilhelm Goering, WP of Sigmar, Heavy Armor, Great Weapon, Barded Warhorse=117 pts

    Hauptmaan Fisiel, Battle Captain on Pegasus, FPA, Sh, Lance (on loan from the Vampire Slayers)=116 pts

    Zan Zar the Bright, Level 2 Wizard, Barded Warhorse, 2 x dispel magic scrolls (rides with the naked knight unit)=159 pts

    Ceremonial Guard of Altdorf

    Panterus Rex, First Knights Panther, The Teeth of the Panther
    6 Inner Circle Knights, Full Command, Steel Standard (Sometimes lead by the GrandMaster)=221 pts

    Panterus Prime, Ceremonial Guard, Garrison duty, The Claws of the Panther
    7 knighty orders, Full Command, War Banner (Lead by Warrior Priest)=226 pts

    Panterus Secondus, Ceremonial Gaurds, Garrison duty, The Eyes of the Panther
    5 Knightly Orders (Lead by Light Wizard)=115 pts

    1st Home Guard Regiment, Engineer School of Altdorf
    10 handgunners, Hochland Long Rifle=105 pts

    Scouts of the Regiment-Detachment 5 archers=40 pts

    2nd Home Guard Regiment, Engineer School of Altdorf
    10 handgunners, Hochland Long Rifle=105 pts

    Powder Handlers-Detachment 5 Free Company=25 pts

    Scouts of the Great Woods-5 Huntsmen=50 pts

    1st Home Guard, Crossbows Militia of Altdorf
    10 crossbows=80 pts

    Special Troops:
    Altdorf Garrison, on assignment to Grandmaster Echols
    5 Pistoliers=95 pts

    Home Guard Artillery Battalion:
    2 Great Cannons=200 pts

    Rare Troops:
    (Due to the lack of foot infantry regiments, mercenaries were hired to help gaurd the artillery by the Engineers School)
    3 Ogres, Two Hand Weapons, Light Armor=132 pts

    Hellblaster Volley Gun=125 pts
    (They left this one behind because is misfires over 75% of the time, it was pressed back into service for GrandMaster Echols expedition)


    This army is strong yet weak.  It is weak because there is only one ranked unit and that is cavalry (though it is rarely deployed ranked).  It is strong because it combines most of the best things in an Empire army. (A note, because these are all Knights Panthers, Grandmaster Echols can easily move between units as needed, just in case one of them gets too shot or magicked up)

    Because of my lack of finesse on the attack, I use this army as a counter puncher army.  I usually elect to go second unless there is a big nasty to cannon on the first turn.  I try and deploy so that if the enemy has cavalry, they cannot charge me until turn 3 at the earliest, longer if my marchblockers are in place.

    All the marchblockers and diverters stream forward on my first turn, and I shoot until I can't shoot anymore, while moving my knights for the charge.  None of the infantry units have standards, so unless the enemy breaks the knights, there will be very few victory points to garner.  However, when I have lost with this army, it is because the enemy has rampaged through my back lot and killed all my soft stuff.  

    I put the detachments on the handgunners partially to marchblock and partially to help me avoid getting killed by ambushers and tunnelling teams.  

    I did try this army with medium magic and a steady diet of miscasts convinced me that an army with magic isn't for me.  My compromise was to bring back my Warrior Priest.  This still gives me 4 dispel dice, and two scrolls.  It also gives me a much heavier hitting cavalry unit with his hatred.  I chose Lore of Light for a couple of reasons.  The default spell gives the magic user 3 ST 5 attacks.  Most of the other spells are easily cast.  My hope is to attempt to cast two low level spells per turn and the bound spell of the Warrior Priest.  Not the most impressive magical attack, but it might work against a caddy dude. What I'm hoping is that I cast the spells and the other guy forgets to dispel them in his magic phase.  I did try this with a Heaven wizard, but without a second caster, no one would let me cast the vital Second Sign spell needed to let the Hochlands be maximum effective.  I'm just hoping the threat of them is enough to scare some people away.  If I were a magic user, I would be scared of this army because of all the fast stuff and the pegasus can go hunt dudes outside of units.  However, if I don't get into combat quickly, magic will decimate my forces.
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    « Reply #15 on: November 10, 2003, 04:47:53 AM »
    This is my Lord Medici's Army of the Firenze Provence (Altdorf for tounrament sakes)
    Elector Count Antonio Medici (305)
     Silver Talon (Griffon) Enchanted Shield, Full Plate

    Captain Marcus Aligeri (112)
     Bella Bianca (Pegasus) Full Plate, Two Handed Sword

    Captain Giovanni Urciuoli (97)
     Standard Bearer, Full Plate, Barded Warhorse

    Massimo Corlione (159)
     2nd Level Lore of Heavens, 2 Dispel Scrolls, Barded Warhorse

    Slashing Swords of Sigmar (165)
     20 Swordsmen with Full Command
     10 Halberdiers (Det)(60)
      5 Handgunners (Det)(40)

    The Count's Honorable Charge(215)
     20 Spearmen with shields and Full Command and Griffon Banner
     10 Free Companies (Det)(50)
      5 Handgunners (Det)(40)

    Inner Circle of the Knights Templar (170)
     5 Knights with Full Command

    Firenze's Thunderous Sons (102)
     5 Pistoliers with Marksman

    Medici's Swift Swords (150)
     10 Greatswords with Full Command

    Sigmars Smashing Fist (100)
    1 Great Cannon and Crew

    Purgatory's Damned (110)
     10 Flagellants

    Sigmar's Righteous Purifier(125)

    This is a 2000 point tournament army.  It is designed to absorb and dish out enough punishment against a varied amount of enemy.  So far I am very happy with its performance.
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    « Reply #16 on: November 10, 2003, 11:18:59 AM »
    Beinkopft gunnery line 2000 Pts  -   Empire Army

    1 Elector Count @ 187 Pts
    Full Plate Armor, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Power, Holy Relic

    1 Battle Wizard @ 145 Pts
         Magic Level 2, Dispel Scroll 2x

    1 Battle Wizard @ 145 Pts
         Magic Level 2, Dispel Scroll 2x
    1 Captain @ 113 Pts
         Full Plate Armor; Battle Standard,Icon of Magnus [30]

    10 Handgunners @ 80 Pts
    10 Handgunners @ 80 Pts

    22 Spearmen @ 236 Pts (Full Command)
         Light Armour; Shield    

         10 Detachment - Free Company @ [50] Pts
    27 Greatswords @ 461 Pts (Full Command with Griffon Standard)
         9 Detachment - Free Company
    1 Great Cannon @ 100 Pts

    1 Great Cannon @ 100 Pts

    1 Hellblaster @ 125 Pts

    1 Hellblaster @ 125 Pts

    10 Huntsmen @ 100 Pts
    Casting Pool: 6

    Dispel Pool: 4

    Models in Army: 119

    Total Army Cost: 1997
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    « Reply #17 on: November 10, 2003, 04:28:01 PM »
    Here's my actual list:


    Elector Count with Great Weapon  @86Pt
    Armor of Meteoric Iron @30Pt

    Captain with Great Weapon, Shield, Full Plate Armor  @64 Pt
    Icon of Magnus @ 30Pt
    Pegasus  @ 50Pt

    Battle Wizard lvl2 @95Pt
    2x Dispell Scroll @50Pt

    Battle Wizard lvl2 @95Pt
    Rod of Powser @45Pt


    25 Swordmen Count Troop with full Command @200Pt
    Griffon Banner @50Pt
    2 Detachments:
    2x12 Free Company @120Pt

    10 Handgunners @80Pt
    Detachment: 5 Archer @40Pt

    5 Huntsmen @50Pt

    6 Knight Orders with Musican&Champion @162Pt

    6 Knight Orders inner Circel with full Command @196Pt
    Warbanner @25Pt


    6 Pistoliers (Champ with reaper Pistol)  @131Pt

    2 Great Canons @200Pt
    1 Mortar @ 75 Pt

    1 Hellblaster @125Pt

    Total: 1999Pt

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    « Reply #18 on: November 16, 2003, 11:54:34 PM »
    The Conclave of Lightning  :D Skaven killing special task force!

    Heavens Wizard Lord - 4 dispell scrolls
    Heavens Wizard - 2 dispell scrolls
    Heavens Wizard - 2 dispell scrolls
    Heavens Wizard - 2 dispell scrolls

    14 Handgunners+Repeating handgun
    16 Handgunners+Hochland longrifle
    6 Knights
    20 Swordsmen
    20 Greatswords-10 Halberdiers-8 Crossbows


    Thunderbolts and comets
    then shoot
    then hellblaster when close
    countercharge with knights
    protect wizards with greatswords and swordsmen

    worked so far, been labeled 'cheesy'  :lol:

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    « Reply #19 on: November 18, 2003, 08:13:04 PM »
    Citizen Erased

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    « Reply #20 on: November 27, 2003, 06:13:05 PM »
    So... what do you think about my new tournament army???

    Unnamed2000 Pts  -   Empire Army

    1 Elector Count
         General; Great Weapon
         Armour of Meteoric Iron
         Holy Relic
         Van Horstman's Speculum
    1 Captain
         Full Plate Armor; Battle Standard
         Banner of Sigismund

    1 Captain
         Lance; Full Plate Armor; Shield; Pegasus
         Rod of Command
         1 Pegasus

    1 Battle Wizard
         Magic Level 1
         Dispel Scroll
         Dispel Scroll

    24 Spearmen
         Spear; Light Armour; Standard; Musician
         1 Sergeant
    ---6 Detachment - Handgunners

    ---12 Detachment - Free Company

    25 Swordsmen Count's troops
         Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
         Banner of Griffon
         1 Duellist

    ---6 Detachment - Handgunners

    ---12 Detachment - Free Company

    11 Handgunners
         Empire Handgun; Standard; Musician
         1 Marksman
              Repeater Handgun

    ---6 Detachment - Handgunners

    5 Pistoliers

    1 Great Cannon

    1 Hellblaster

    1 Steam Tank

    Total Army Cost: 2000

    I really would like to read some of your thougts

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    « Reply #21 on: November 28, 2003, 02:22:55 AM »
    Army of Nuln

    My original list had a steam tank, but after much wining it has been 'dumbed' down. 2 cannons and 1 hellblaster should be enough to handle any point sinks coming towards empire lines. Knights and pistoliers covering each flank while the swordmen + griffen banner and the stubborn greatswords provide a great anchor.....provided they dont run off the table.

    1 Elector Count @ 144 Pts
         Barding; Great Weapon; Full Plate Armor; Warhorse
         Van Horstman's Speculum [25]
    (Leads the IC knight unit)

    1 Warrior-Priest of Sigmar @ 117 Pts
         Barding; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Warhorse
    (Leads the non-IC knight unit)

    1 Battle Wizard Lvl 1 @ 110 Pts
         Dispel Scroll [25]
         Dispel Scroll [25]

    7 Knightly Orders of the Inner Circle @ 222 Pts
        Shampion; Standard; Musician

    7 Knightly Orders @ 201 Pts
         Champion; Standard; Musician

    5 Pistoliers @ 95 Pts

    5 Pistoliers @ 95 Pts

    20 Greatswords @ 363 Pts
       Champion; Standard; Musician

         6 Detachment - Handgunners @ [48] Pts

         9 Detachment - Free Company @ [45] Pts

    20 Swordsmen Count's troops @ 293 Pts
         Standard; Musician
         Banner of Griffon [50]

         6 Detachment - Handgunners @ [48] Pts

         8 Detachment - Free Company @ [40] Pts

    5 Huntsmen @ 50 Pts

    1 Hellblaster @ 125 Pts

    1 Great Cannon @ 100 Pts

    1 Dogs of War Cannon @ 85 Pts

    Casting Pool: 3
    Dispel Pool: 4

    Models in Army: 112

    Total Army Cost: 2000

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    « Reply #22 on: November 28, 2003, 04:53:14 PM »
    The Army of Middenheim

    Boris Todbringer mounted on a Warhorse (278 pts)
    > General, Barding, Full Plate Armor, Shield
    > #Runefang, #The Talisman of Ulric

    14 Knights Panther (387 pts)
    - Barding, Lance, Full Plate Armor, Shield, Standard, Musician
    > War Banner
    > First Knight

    Warrior-Priest of Ulric (149 pts)
    > Prayers of Ulric, Heavy Armour
    > Winter's Bite, Enchanted Shield, Wolfshead Emblem

    30 Spearmen Count's troops (465 pts)
    - Spear, Light Armour, Shield, Standard, Musician
    > Banner of the Warrior-True
    >> Detachment - 15 Swordsmen
    >> Detachment - 15 Halberdiers
    > Sergeant

    Wizard Lord of the Celestial Order mounted on a Warhorse (325 pts)
    > Magic Level 4, Lore of Heaven
    > Sword of Power, Van Horstman's Speculum, Armour of Tarnus

    14 White Wolf Knights of the Inner Circle (472 pts)
    - Inner Circle, Barding, White Wolf Hammer, Full Plate Armor, Standard, Musician
    > Standard of the White Wolf
    > First Knight

    Captain (123 pts)
    > Full Plate Armor, Battle Standard
    > Banner of Middenheim

    30 Swordsmen (415 pts)
    - Light Armour, Shield, Standard, Musician
    > Duellist
    >> Detachment - 15 Spearmen
    >> Detachment - 15 Halberdiers

    30 Halberdiers (430 pts)
    - Halberd, Light Armour, Shield, Standard, Musician
    > Sergeant
    >> Detachment - 15 Spearmen
    >> Detachment - 15 Swordsmen

    10 Huntsmen (106 pts)
    - Longbow
    > Marksman

    Warrior-Priest of Ulric (140 pts)
    > Prayers of Ulric, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield
    > Pelt of Horros, Shard of Skoll

    20 Greatswords (482 pts)
    - Great Weapon, Full Plate Armor, Standard, Musician
    - Banner of Valour
    >> Detachment - 10 Archer
    >> Detachment - 10 Archer
    > Counts's Champion

    14 Hunting Hounds (121 pts)

    20 Crossbowmen (180 pts)
    - Crossbow, Standard, Musician
    > Marksman

    15 Archers (125 pts)
    - Normal Bow
    > Marksman

    15 Archers (125 pts)
    - Normal Bow
    > Marksman

    Wizard Lord of the Amber Order (265 pts)
    > Magic Level 3, Lore of Beasts
    > Wizard's Staff, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll

    16 Handgunners (160 pts)
    - Empire Handgun, Standard, Musician

    1 Great Cannon (100 pts)

    1 Mortar (75 pts)

    1 Mortar (75 pts)

    For a total of 4998 points.

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    « Reply #23 on: December 01, 2003, 07:50:38 PM »
    This is a silly little list that I'm taking to a RT in a couple weeks.

    2150 points

    Elector Count
    Great weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Holy Relic

    Battle Wizard
    Lv 1, Dispel Scroll x2

    Spearmen x18
    Includes full command
    Detachment: 6 handgunners

    Swordsmen x18
    Includes full comand, Griffon Banner
    Detachment: 10 halberdiers

    Handgunners x10

    Hunstmen x5

    White Wolves IC x5
    Includes full command

    Pistoliers x6
    Includes marksman with repeater pistol

    Great Cannon


    Steam tank

    DoW Arasnil the Dragon Rider   :twisted:

    I'm going to try and trim some points and add a hellblaster and ditch the steam tank since I know I'm going to be encountering many skirmishers.
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    « Reply #24 on: December 04, 2003, 06:02:35 PM »
    2000pt Crusade list: The Lands of Men Unite - Empire of all gods, Kislev and Border Princes.

    Empire: 1342pts


    Lord: Grandmaster 160pts (in IC Panthers)
    Hero1: Warrrior priest of Sigmar, GW, HA, WH+BG 117pts (in Panthers)
    Hero2: Warrrior priest of Ulric, GW, HA, WH+BG 117pts (in White wolves)


    5 IC Knights Panther, full command, Steel Standard 195pts (GM here)
    5 Knights Panther, musician+standard, War Banner 164pts (Sig WP here)
    5 IC White Wolves, full command 180pts (Ulric priest here)


    5 pistoliers 95pts
    5 pistoliers 95pts


    Voland's Venators (basic+1, 5 knights full command + Voland) 219pts

    Kislev Allied Contingent: 658pts


    Hero4:Boyar, lance, HA, WH, Enchanted Shield 118pts


    5 Ungol Horse Archers + musician 92pts
    5 Ungol Horse Archers + musician 92pts

    5 Winged Lancers, full command 160pts (Boyar here)


    6 Gryphon Legion, full command 196pts

    Combined total: 2000pts

    56 models (112 US)
    2 power dice + 2 prayers
    4 dispell dice

    6 units of knights - 4 S4
    4 units of fast cavalry
    2 units with glorious charge
    1 unit with stubborn
    2 units with the potential for hatred

    Thanks for looking :)