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Shadow of Drakwald
The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

Greetings one and all and welcome to the shadowy forest of Drakwald.

I don't know if anyone remember me, but I was a semi-active member of this forum about a year ago, then I succumbed to the red thirst and have been more frequently on carpenoctem, the VC forum. Anyway, I had a Averland paintinglog on here and now I've decided to repaint them all. My painting standard has gone up since that time and I got a huge inspirational boost after a tournament held in my town a while back.

Anyway, this log is also on CN and warseer, but I reckon that this forum would appreciate it as well as I could get useful insight and pointers from the best Empire generals on teh intrawebz. Anyway, I hope you like I have started here.


The air was cold and Udolf van Teuffel could see the breath of his horse as he spurred it on. The trees around him faded to a blur as he thundered down the old forest road. His mission was important and as he crested a small ridge he allowed himself a glance over his shoulder. It looked like no one was following him, but Udolf had been around for some time. He had spent half his life in this cursed forest and he knew that whatever it was that he had heard only minutes ago was close by, probably tracking his scent from within the shadowy trees. His steed was beginning to tire and he cursed under his breath. There was still some way to go before he could reach Basdahl.

The small town of Basdahl was but a stone throw away from Mittelweg, where the rest of his company was posted. Udolf van Teuffel belonged to the 32nd Army of Middenland. He rode with the pistoliers, aspiring young Nobles who had tired of the court and sought adventure in the army. It was up to Udolf to keep the four youngsters under his command alive and train them to one day become captains or knights of the Empire.

The 32nd Army had arrived in Mittelweg five days ago on a routine drafting mission and a small part, half of the 45 th spears and the 54 th swords had been sent to the local garrison in Basdahl to draft half of the towns grown men. Led by Sergeant Pietr Hellsberg, the two regiments should have been back in Mittelweg for two days but something was delaying them. The commanding officer had no reason to suspect that anything was wrong, recent scouting of the foul Beastmen that inhabit the Drakwald had shown a decrease of hostile activity so Udolf had volunteered to ride to Basdahl and investigate what was going on.

Another shrill bray sounded and Udolf clasped the reins harder. Now he knew for sure what was following him. Udolf cast a glance over his shoulder once more and turned around just in time to catch a glimpse of an arrow flying towards him. By pure instinct he flexed his head to the left and the arrow scratched his cheek as it flew past him. Suddenly his horse reared; desperately Udolf hung on to the mane of the steed. He knew that if he fell off he would probably be killed. When the horse settled down he could see what had frightened it. On the road in front of him stood four foul beasts, one uglier then the next. It seemed like they had worked each other in to frenzy, their hooves stomping and sweat steamed of their foul hides in the cold morning air. Their eyes glowed red with hatred. The largest one of the beastmen, a heavy built half man half goat creature sporting an impressive set of horn bellowed a challenge and the smaller beasts attacked. From behind him Udolf could hear more creatures barking and yelping.

He knew that if he were to survive he had to react quickly. With one swift move, reflexes honed and trimmed by years of service, Udolf had brought his pistol to bear on the beastman closest to him. The creature died in a shower of gore as the bullet penetrated it’s skull. He knew that he had no time to reload so he switched grip on his pistol and used it as a club to smash the next beast in its snorting face. The larger beastman charged him with a warcry that echoed between the trees. Udolf kicked his spurs in to his steed. With new momentum he met the attacker head on, ducking under a sweep of an axe that would have made him a head shorter Udolf brought his sword around in a wide arc, slicing the beast in the stomach. The beastman brayed and dropped to its knees. Desperately it tried to keep its entrails from spilling out. The smaller creatures now turned to the downed foe and as Udolf made his escape they descended upon their former leader with teeth and claw. The sounds of the beastmen as they feasted upon their still living leader sounded behind Udolf as he rode away.

His heart beating like a drum in his ears, Udolf now knew what had kept Pietr Hellsberg and his men. He had encountered a small vanguard of what he guessed could only be a larger horde of those foul beasts. If they were to survive the way back to Mittelweg, he needed all the able men he could get. Udolf only hoped that he would not find the town burning and in ruins.


Udolf van Tueffel

Udolf van Teuffel is a stand-in Captain for my 500 pts army, for reasons which will be clear as the fluff progresses.

I will post more when I have more time, now it's study time!

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Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Sweet keep it up!  :::cheers:::

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Thanks! Will do! And here it comes, got this together on my lunchbreak (copy past edit ;) )

Got even more completed which I will post in a few hours...

The first snow of the season had fallen early. It was still somewhat warm during the day, but the nights were cold as the breath of an ice troll. Despite the chill evening a boy was sitting by the road, fiddling with his pocket-knife. He had overstayed his curfew, but he wasn’t afraid of the forest. Despite the stories his father had told him of the horrors that dwelt within, the boy always felt confident while he was sitting by the road. He picked up a twig and started carving it with his knife. Never mind the curfew, he was only 200 meters from the town, he could see his house. Even if something happened he would be home in less than a minute. He spat on the ground.

Suddenly the boy heard a sound he had never heard before in his life. It sounded like a dozen of men were jumping up and down at the same time, and the sounds came closer. First it sounded like a muffled thump and the longer he listened the clearer the sound became. He stood up, getting ready to run as fast as he could back home to Basdahl. His heart rate increased, but curiosity had taken a hold of him. He had to see what made the strange sound. The thud of heavy footfalls became louder and louder.

All of a sudden the boy could see them, coming around the bend. His eyes opened wide and he dropped the twig to the ground.
On the old forest road a column of soldiers walked by, their bright blue and white Middenland livery fading slowly in the dying sunlight. First to walk by the boy was a unit of spearmen. They walked in a tight column two soldiers wide, seven soldiers deep and behind them came a unit of swordsmen. The boy stood in awe as the soldiers marched by.

The trees of the Drakwald cast long shadows in the evening sun and Sergeant Pietr Hellsberg shivered beneath his blue tunica. It had been a long march from Mittelweg and finally they could see the town of Basdahl. They had been marching since early morning under strict orders not to stop on the way. This drafting assignment was despite the lack of action something that Pietr Hellsberg had been looking forward to. He had been on countless scouting and search-and-destroy missions in this cursed forest and he could use some relief from constantly being on his guard. A boy ran past him, heading straight for the village. The youngster waved his arms and shouted at the top of his lungs, making the presence of the soldiers known to the whole town.
Great, thought Pietr to himself as they marched over a small wooden bridge, at least now we don’t have to wake the whole town.

Calling Basdahl a town was exaggerating the small community that Basdahl was. It had a temple of Ulric, an Inn, a small town hall, a housing for the local garrison and a wall that ran around those buildings. Outside the wall stood a large number of farmhouses and woodcutter homes built by lumber from the neighboring forest, these homes were only protected by what seemed like a hastily built palisade. The palisade itself was build in a huge square and despite its size, some homes still stood outside of it.

As they marched in to the town they were greeted by the corporal in charge of the Basdahl garrison. He snapped to attention, saluting Pietr and as Pietr returned the greeting the corporal said:

“Praise Ulric sir, I’m glad to see you! I can't believe that Mittelweg got our message and sent reinforcement so fast, I thought that we had to wait at least four more days!”

With those words the sun disappeared behind the treetops and darkness descended upon Basdahl.

54 th Swords, led by Sgt Pietr Hellsberg[/SIZE]

Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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very cool dude nice visual from the story ...keep posting as a fellow MIddenlander...i welcome you
I hug fools

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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I thank you for the warm welcome. :) Here come the rest I have finished so far, now it's just a task of finishing the last rank for my first completed regiment at 500 pts! I have them about 85% finished, just need to fix the bases and the shields, and then it's on to work on my handgunners.

Shadow of Drakwald part 3

Udolf van Teuffel rode across a small wooden bridge and crossed a creek in to the town of what had once been Basdahl. He sighed as he surveyed the surroundings. The remains of a palisade could be seen, smoke trailing up to the sky. Some homes still stood, the heavy logs used to build the houses proved too tough for the fire to bring down. Udolf shivered, he would not dare enter one of those houses that seemed untouched by both fire and axe, because he knew that the inhabitants would most certainly be dead in the grizzliest way imaginable. He had seen the handycraft of the beastmen before. The spawns of chaos had no talent for creating or building, the way of destruction were the only trade they mastered.

It looked like the inhabitants of Basdahl had put up quite the fight. All around him there were bodies of beastmen, some half eaten, some badly burned. Udolf dismounted, silently he drew his blade and re-loaded his trusted pistol. After walking through the ruins for a few minutes he noticed something strange. He could see no bodies of humans. Had the beastmen carried them all away? No, he thought. If he knew the beastmen they would have built a huge pyre amongst the ruins and roasted the men and women of Basdahl in a feast of gore and flesh. In the fading sunlight Udolf moved cautiously through the small town. Just as he was about to give up and ride back with the sad news to Mittelweg he noticed a wall surrounding some other buildings. They seemed intact.

His heartrate increased, none of the buildings inside the wall were burning.

As Udolf moved in closer he could see a figure standing on the wall. It was not the figure of a beast but the figure of Sergeant Pietr Hellsberg. Udolf let a smile spread across his face.

“Ulrics balls!" He blurted out. "I thought you were all dead, eaten by the beastmen!” Udolf shouted while sheathing his sword.

A dry and harsh laughter was heard.

“Open the gates! It seems like the esteemed Udolf van Teuffel has decided to join us.” Pietr Hellsberg said turning to look down upon the survivors of Basdahl. “Let’s just hope he has good news for us.”

Udolf walked back to get his horse while Pietr Hellsberg and a cohort of his best fighters walked out from the small keep to meet Udolf.

“Tell me what happened here Sergeant.” Udolf said when they met up outside the wall.

“Well sir, there were too many of them.” Pietr said shaking his head. “The meagre defences put in place held the first night, but while we were withdrawing all the people back to the temple of Ulric on the second day they came back in larger numbers. They destroyed the palisade and before we had a chance to form a coherent defence they dragged a lot of us back in to the forest.” The sergeant spat on the ground.

“We can hear them all night, feasting on our comrades. It’s all a sick game to them; they seem to enjoy it, no matter how many of them we managed to kill. I think they are playing with us, trying to infuse fear in us with their nightly rituals.” Pietr almost growled as he uttered the last word.

Udolf looked at the forests edge, his eyes narrowing. “How many of Basdahls inhabitants are still alive?”

The sergeant bit his upper lip and looked Udolf in the eyes. “About seventy or so sir, all the able men strong enough to hold a blade or bow has been formed in small militia units. Unfortunately, there are few fighters here, only about twenty-five or so. Most of Basdahls surviving inhabitants are women and children and they are watched over by the old preacher in the temple of Ulric.“

Udolf shook his head in disdain. “What about your regiment, how many still live and posses strength enough to fight?”

“Most of them sir, albeit outnumbered we are still better equipped and with our training we have prevailed through this difficult time. If we had not been here I don't think that the inhabitants here would be alive. We also have a score of hand-gunners still alive from the garrison stationed here at Basdahl.” Sergeant Hellsberg said.

“Excellent sergeant, I'm assuming command of these troops." Udolf turned towards the forest road. "I think that before the 32nd Army learn of our fate we will all be dead, so therefore I feel that we should make a fighting retreat.” He turned back to Sergeant Hellsberg.

“All right sir.” Sergeant Hellsberg nodded. “We are running low on food and water and we cannot hold out much longer anyway, but for the time being I think we do best in locking the gate behind us and pray.” He looked up at the dying sun. “It will soon be dark and with the dark they come.”

From the forest surrounding Basdahl, the foul creatures known as beastmen arose. Some still drunk and hazy from the great feast that they had held last night. One especially large and terrifying beast looked at the small group of men as they moved in to the keep and closed the gate behind them. The monstrosity grinned, showing of his frightening array of fangs and sharp teeth. Suddenly he opened his mouth, letting a deafening bray escape his throat. Behind him he could hear a growing number of brays, his herd joining their voices with his, screaming out their hatred and bloodlust alerting the defenders and confirming Sergeant Pietr Hellsbergs predictions.


And now for the piccies, what you all really wanted to see right? ;)

The second rank, completed!

The first two completed ranks.

Udolf van Teuffel and his troops.

There we go, that's all I finished right now. So, if you have any comments and stuff feel free to post them. Thanks for looking! :)

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Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Good solid painting.  :icon_biggrin:

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Nice looking army.  I enjoy the fluff that goes along with it, the combination makes a very engaging and interesting thread.  I shall be following closely for future updates. :::cheers:::
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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Realy minor point but consider putting something on the top of the banner pole, even if its just a spear tip or randon sphere of plastic.

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Cheers guys!  :::cheers:::

Schools is finished for the summer so now I've got plenty time to fix my minis, and today I made headway:

Here is the next update:

Shadow of Drakwald part 4

Shadow of Drakwald part 5

The boy ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Behind him monsters and murder, in front of him salvation. He could see the top of the temple of Ulric, illuminated by the flames sprouting from the surrounding houses. He turned a corner at the family Schwarts home and stopped for a moment, breathing was hard with the black smoke heavy in the air. He coughed and looked around, his eyes weeping. Were was father?

The boy was dirty and bruised. He had jumped out from the second floor, scratching his knees as he landed heavily on the ground. When father had opened the chest, retrieving his blade and shield the boy knew that something bad was happening. The boy had heard the cries of alarm outside and when the one of the soldiers he had seen earlier burst through the door, calling his father to arms, he understood. Father had looked him in the eyes and said:

"Martin, listen to me. I need you to hide in the house. Everything will be fine. Do you understand me? I will be back for you, I promise."

And hide he did. Martin sat immobile in the attic for what felt like an eternity, listening to the sounds of fighting outside. The brays of the monsters and the brave shouts of the soldiers. When the door downstairs had been smashed and the sound of hooves on wooden boards sounded, Martin did not hesitate. He jumped and as soon as he gained a footing he ran, only turning back to see his home put to the torch by the monstrosities. Martin had tried to find father, calling his name numerous times. He was alone.

He wiped the tears from his eyes. Father was fine, he had to be. Father had promised he would be back. Peeking around the corner Martin could see a small group of villagers desperately fighting the monsters. There were ten of them, forming a circle to around children and women to protect them. But the monsters were too many, soon all the men was dead and the others carried away, screaming. Martin turned around, getting ready to make a run for it. Just as he sprinted away from his hiding spot, a monster appeared in front of him. It stepped out from a small shed, holding a bloody meat-cleaver. It had a man-like body with the head of a beast. The monster bellowed, stopping Martin dead in his tracks. The beast growled, seemingly ignorant of the battle going on around it, the monster slowly walked towards him. Martin started backing, suddenly he could feel the touch of wooden behind him. He had nowhere to go. The monster grinned and raised the bloody blade, pointing at him.

"By Ulrics balls! You will not harm this child!"

A giant of a man stepped in front of Martin, his blue and white livery almost shining in the dark. Martin recognised the soldier, he had been leading the troops that arrived in town hours earlier. The man wielded a huge, two-handed sword and as the beast charged he spat on the ground side-stepping the first hack from the beast, while at the same time, bringing his own blade around attempting to catch his adversary in the back. The beast let his momentum carry him away from the deadly slice of the sword, this time aiming his blow towards Martin. The boy, acting by pure instinct, ducked and rolled away, leaving the beast with thin air and a wooden wall. The force of the attack lodged the crude meatcleaver in the wall. The soldier did not waste his time and ran the creature through. With a gurgling sound the monster slumped and collapsed on the ground. Martin gasped for air as the soldier picked him up to his feet.

His face had a huge blonde beard and his head was protected by a helmet sporting a red feather. He looked Martin dead in the eyes.

"Run boy, run for the temple. Now, go!"


More to come there.

And some pics!

The last three guys are done! And here they are:

Finished Swordsmen and WIP handgunners

Now I've started working on these guys:
WIP handgunner detachment.

Fell free to leave a comment and have a good one,
Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Got some more WIP for ya, here are some free comps and archers. Work is not yet finished on the handgunners... have had loads to do lately. Feels like everything expect painting has been done. Anyway,



Cheers for looking,
Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Very good freehand stuff!

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Shadow of Drakwald part 5
Shadow of Drakwald part 4

The old preacher bowed his head in silent prayer. The fire that burned before him, burned as bright in his heart. His face was worn, scarred from a lifetime of service in the name of Ulric. His head was shaved the manner of the sigmarites but his beard was mighty. He looked up towards the ceiling of his temple. It was at most a modest temple, in no way as rich and fancy as that of his hometown of Middenheim. The walls were built of stone and painted in white paint and in some places the paint was coming off. The roof was cracked and worn, just like the man who kneeled below it. After he had served in the army for almost 20 years, he had decided to withdraw to a quiet town far from the fighting. But his soul belonged in the heat of battle. Sometimes he lusted for it, just like a thirsty man desires water. He knew that there was nothing wrong in his battlelust, for his god was one of battle and bravery.

The snow had fallen early this season. It was a sign. He knew what would come and what he needed to do. What he had not known was how soon he needed to act. He was old and too slow, he had not acted fast enough. The preacher stood up again, bowed and turned around. He walked to a door in the wall, passing frightened women and children. Most of the children were crying. The door led to his sleeping quarters, a cramped and damp room which had been his home for the last ten years. Despite the small size of the room, he had kept it tidy. The room contained only a bed, a desk, a chair and a chest. It had only one window, the setting sun shining in, filling the room with light. On the wall above his bed a hung huge hammer. He sat down on the bed and reached for a rock in the wall behind him. It was loose, hiding a key behind it, a key that he had not seen for ten years. With the key he opened the chest.

Gleaming in the dying sunlight, the priest could see his own reflection in the suit of armour. His eyes were glowing with a fire that had been dormant for ten years. He put the armour on. It still fitted him. During the years as the preacher in the town of Basdahl, he had kept his body in shape, preaching by day, training in the evenings and mornings. He took down the hammer from the wall, the weight of it felt comforting in his hands.

When he opened the door to the temple he was met with silence from the townsfolk inside, no-one said a word. Their eyes wide open at the sight of the holy man dressed for battle. It was an awe-inspiring sight. He turned and walked to the gates of the temple, opening them. The moment the gates swung open the evening air was filled with the cries and brays of his hated enemies.

Let them come, he thought.

This time I am ready.


Heres another update, got some work done on my handgunners and militia today:

Handgunners, 90 % done, they still need their hair and bases fixed


This is the 500 pts army, missing is 8 militia and 5 handgunners.

Thats it for this time.
Thanks for looking,
Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Update on the army:

Some WIP on my  militia

Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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good job!   I think that on the gunners, you might try taking the point of the exacto knife and twirling it in the end of the rifle barrel creating the look of a bore, or at least put a dot of black at the end, but using the exacto to create a shallow hole works pretty well and is not labor intensive.  keep up the good work.  steveb

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Thanks for the comment, I had complete forgotten about that.

And here is another update:

Me and my friend fought out the epic battle of Basdahl with me losing a very close game. So I have a batrep, but I do not feel like it belongs in this thread. This might seem a bit odd with the fluff changing so dramatically. But just so you know it, my poor middenlanders lost.. :/
Shadow of Drakwald part 6

Korblock looked with satisfaction at his warriors as they butchered the puny humans beneath the walls of Basdahl. With a deafening roar he celebrated his victory, raising his bloodied axe high. The charge of his gors had broken the last human warriors and he had gloriously led them to victory. But yet somehow he was not satisfied. Some of the humans had survived and was now somewhere in the woods, scattered. Korblock gritted his teeth at a gor that came close to him, the other beastman backed away.

The only thing Korblock found disappointing with this victory was that the leader of the humans had escaped. That could mean that more humans would come here if the man on the horse survived and alerted the rest of what Korblock suspected would be a larger army. The villagers he had killed with ease, but the trained soldiers had stood their ground. He grunted. This day his tribe would feast on the survivors still held up inside the walls. Now that all their warriors were dead, there would be no resistance. Korblock looked around himself, more of his kind had arrived from the forest, they would help him in the hunt. He knew he had to catch the man on the horse.

Martin had looked everywhere in the temple of Ulric. His father was not there. But would he not return soon, with the rest of the men? He glanced over his shoulder at the Priest standing in the doorway. The holy man had not moved for some time now and the alarms of battle could not be heard anymore. Martin got to his feet and walked up to the priest.

“Father Bernard?”
The priest looked down on the boy.

“Yes Martin?”

”When are the men coming back? My father told me that they would not be long.”
Bernard closed his eyes and got down to one knee, laying his mighty warhammer to rest beside him.

“I don’t know my son. But be assured that Ulric is watching over them.”
The priest opened his eyes again, already knowing what horrible things fate would soon bring them. Martin could sense this in some way and he took two steps backwards. Bernard picked up his weapon and got to his feat again.

“I will protect you all. By Ulric I will, to the last drop of my blood.”
He whispered. Turning around, Bernard walked out of the temple only looking over his shoulder at Martin to say.

“Close the doors and do not open them again.”
Terrified the boy obeyed.

The Holy man slowly walked towards the barred gates of Basdahl. He controlled his breathing, exhaling and inhaling in a relaxed manner. The fire he had felt earlier he could now feel again, burning even brighter with every breath of air. The excited brays of his hated enemies grew stronger with every step he took. Bernard could hear them hacking away at the gates. Silently he muttered a hymn and weighted the warhammer in his hands. Yes he would please his god this day. He would claim as many of the unholy creatures as he could. Suddenly the holy man stopped and got in to his battle stance, the mighty weapon resting in his iron grip. With every word of the hymn his weapon shone with an increasingly bright glow. He closed his eyes and finished the hymn. At the same time the gate splintered and fell away with beastmen spilling through.


Captain Reinhof af Miltenstadt (a guy who will appear later in my fluff. ;) ) is the first of my Empire to get eyes. I'm really bad at painting eyes. So I'm practising...

And militia:

Have a good one and thanks for looking,
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Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Great fluff, really makes your blog stand out. And it's always fun to watch a fellow middenlanders minis, especially when they're painted to this standard! Keep up the good work!

I guess your going to do a mini for the Warrior Priest featured in the fluff?

Check my Middenhiem blog: Ziggy's Model blog

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Thank you ZiggyStardust! :) I appreciate the comment.

About the priest, yes I will. I was thinking about green stuffing beard on this model:http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1300287&prodId=prod20031. If it it possible to remove the neck guard?

Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Well now it's update time, have continued working on the spearmen as well as my new Unit: The Grim-Greatswords, personal bodyguard for General Gerhardt Von Grimm. But first, some fluff! :D

Shadow of Drakwald part 7

Captain Reinhof af Mittelstadt paced nervously up and down the small courtyard. The area was empty, no soldiers were at attention, the ceremonial place between the barracks and the company headquarters were dead silent, save for the clanking of Reinhofs full plate armour. The captain was a heavy built man with blonde beard, almost boarding on an orange-bronze colour, and dark blue eyes. He stood at least one head higher than the average soldier. In recent years he had grown increasingly grumpy and stubborn, the rumours in the ranks were that it was because he had lost one of his eyes in a beastman raid, others swore that it was because he had not been selected to lead the Counts personal bodyguard and the fact that his best friend had been chosen before him. Reinhof had neither dismissed or confirmed any of the rumours. He knew that his change in temper had had a positive effect on his men, because all men now feared him and would rather sleep with a gor than face the wrath of the captain.

Reinhof stopped and checked the parchment in his hand once more. There he could once again read the words, in plain writing, that had sent him in to one of his now famous moods:

Orders for Captain Reinhof af Mittelstadt.
You are to immediately give leadership of the 32nd army to Milton Meyer of the Grim-Greatswords.
These orders are to be in effect the moment Milton Meyer arrives in Mittelweg.
General Gerhardt Von Grimm

Reinhof mumbled something unhearable and took up his pacing once more. Milton Meyers, his once best friend were to assume command of his forces. Unthinkable! Why would Von Grimm do this?

Milton Meyers and Reinhof had been in basic training together, forming an unbreakable bond in the service of the empire, rising in the ranks at the same time. The friendship slowly turned to an all out rivalry between the two men, who at the rank of sergeants competed for the spot of captain under the command of general Gerhardt Von Grimm. When it came down to it, Gerhardt could not choose one of the two so he made both men captains. This did nothing to stop the rivalry and soon the two had found something new to compete about.
This time it was the spot as leader of the Grims, the famous Middenland greatswords. The Grim-Greatswords look a lot like the Carroburg greatswords in appearance with their black and red uniforms, but unlike the Carroburgians the Grims used black and red as to honour the family Von Grimm, because the Von Grimms has always had Black and Red as their family colours. The same colours used by the 32nd army on it's many banners. Milton Meyers was chosen before Reinhof and this troubled the captain much, even to this day.

Reinhof af Mittelstadt was disturbed in his thoughts by Corporal Waldman as the man entered the courtyard. The corporal was a short plump man with a face reddened by exhaustion. Waldman snapped to attention, the man was sweating immensely and panting as Reinhof made his way towards him. The Corporal swallowed down hard and fixed his gaze upon the walls of the barracks in front of him.

“Well Corporal, what is your report?”
Reinhof eyed the man from top to toe, his grumpy voice shaking the corporal to his core. Waldman knew he had to be careful with what he said next, or else all the men would have to run another 10 miles.

“The men are tired but satisfied that they were given this opportunity to show their strength and stamina sir!”
The corporal now entered a staring contest with the wall, hardly daring to breathe. Reinhof slowly walked around the corporal.

“Very well corporal, get the men to move their tents to the other side of Town. I will conduct a full inspection. You have 30 minutes.”

“Sir, yes sir!”
Waldman exhaled and set off to instruct the men, grateful that they would not have to run again.

Reinhof watched the corporal leave and took up his pacing again. As this business with Milton Meyer and the Grims were not enough he had other concerns. Udolf Van Teuffel had not yet reported back from Basdahl and Reinhof af Mittelstadt knew that this did not bode well. He would have his army ready in two more days, and he had already sent reinforcements to Basdahl. All he could do now is wait for the humiliating arrival of Milton Meyer.


These are also about 90 % finished, I really need to get my hands on the snowflock! :O

Thanks for looking,
Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
« Reply #18 on: August 08, 2010, 08:02:10 AM »
Hey there again... So I see that this thread has got zero answers since last post. So here some more new stuff to show you. Bumping it up to first page!  :-D

and wip:

Just 16 more minis to paint to complete my 500 pts force... this has taken more time that I thought it would!
Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
« Reply #19 on: August 08, 2010, 02:49:34 PM »
Looking great buddy, I see you too dont get many responses here. Look forward to seeing them a finished force, Too bad your in sweden or id offer to play ya a few rounds.
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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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I will follow your example Santawraith as it is true, sometimes we do not leave any response out of laziness & on the other hand we want responses ourselves when it is our blog  :|  I know feedback is important for motivation so here it comes..........First of all Boo you army looks great & I like the fact that you include bits of fluff every now & than & are approaching you army in a tale of x gamers style.  Your colours are neat & the basing is excellent without being over the top  :eusa_clap:  One thing I would like to ask is how do you do the red?  I mean my reds never get that strong no matter what I use (generally either GW or Vallejo paints).
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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
« Reply #21 on: August 08, 2010, 04:27:04 PM »
Lovely, it's really great to see the progression of the army, and I love the bits of fluff.

A shame it has taken such a long time (from the p.o.v. of getting a bigger army quicker for fun games) But you will get there in the end!
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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
« Reply #22 on: August 09, 2010, 10:44:08 AM »
Your Blog has inspired me to start work on my army that is mostly middenland at the moment.
Keep up the good work and great stories  :eusa_clap:

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
« Reply #23 on: August 10, 2010, 07:39:16 AM »
Santawraith: Thanks buddy, I did not know that you were on here too. :) Yea, I would gladly have played a couple of games! ;)

King: No sweat. :) It's just fun to share with people what I'm working on and getting some feedback to motivate me is pretty awesome. Thanks mate. The red is gore red painted over Beneb Stone (I think, I'll get back to you on that one.), then highlighted with Blood Red, several watery layers to get a nice rich red.

Finlay: Thanks a lot. Yes, I'm almost at 500 pts now, not far away. It's a great feeling to have completed a painted army that you can game with. :)

Hackenschmidt: Thank you. :) Im glad I could inspire you.

Also, update wise, here is some more fluff for you:

Shadow of Drakwald part 8

The first crazed gor jumped through the cracks in the gate, it’s blood pumping. The beast could feel his anger rising at the sight of the still standing human buildings. He roared in fury and looked around for a quick kill. Behind him his brethren were pushing to get through. Suddenly the gor saw a man standing in the middle of the open grounds between the gates and the large stone structure ahead. Without a second thought, the gor charged headlong towards his prey. The beast fell upon the man, with a cruel warcry on his unhuman lips. The man dodged the clumsy strike and brought his own weapon around, the huge warhammer crushing the skull of the gor.
Father Bernard exhaled as he was showered with the blood from his first victim. His ancient armour befouled with the blood of chaos.
“Children of chaos, hear me. You shall be passed the ultimate judgement on this day. Come forth and I shall slay you all.” The priests voice boomed over the mad barking and snarling of the beastly horde.

At first the horde seemed baffled by the foolish human standing between them and the feast promised to them by their leader. A few seconds later they came at him as one, a wave of fangs, claws and fur, screaming madly for fresh blood. Father Bernard started chanting again, each word gaining strength as he started jogging to meet the beasts head on, finishing just as the first creatures were within striking distance. The air was suddenly filled with the smell of burned flesh and the vision of every child of chaos was blinded by holy light. Bernard did not waste any time and his terrible weapon rose and fell with mighty blows, claiming a foe with each strike. The priest let the momentum of his charge carry him forward towards the now ruined gates, the hammer forming a small half-circle between him and his foe. Any beast foolish enough to get close was crushed with one strike of the mighty weapon. Bernard was filled with divine strength and he kept on chanting as his weapon wreaked havoc in the ranks of his hated enemy.

Now the beasts were more cautious of the man wielding the huge weapon, it had already claimed a score of gors. They came at him from opposite sides, feigning attacks to throw the priest off guard. However, Bernard was not easily fooled and countered every attempt with righteous fury. He parried a low stab with the hilt of his weapon, boxing the assailant in the face with his armoured gauntlet. Another beast tried to strike him in the back as the pack now circled him. Bernard foresaw this and side-stepped the blow causing the attacking beast to topple forward when the attack only hit thin air. The priest ended the gors life with yet another crushing strike of his hammer.

“I am chosen of Ulric.” Bernard chanted. “The god of war favours me!” A shimmering aura now surrounded the priest and the few attacks that got through his defence were deflected by an invisible force before they could do him any harm. Another blinding flash of holy light burned through the air, killing all creatures of chaos it touched. Bernard tried to lead his enemies outside the walls of Basdahl, away from the people still held up inside the temple. He knew that his attempts would be futile, but he had to try. A slightly larger gor pointed a rusty meatcleaver at Bernard, bellowing a challenge. The priest smiled and aimed a blow at the head of the challenger. The beast ducked low but was met with the steel covered knee of the preacher.

“Repel, O Ulric, this Servant of Change!
Dispel such fallacies from this unholy form.
I invoke Your Name to repel this abomination.
Not by my strength, but by Yours,
Ulric, god of war, let this heresy be ended!”

Bernard shifted grip on his weapon bringing it down on the back of his hunched over opponent, shattering the gors spine, killing the abomination of chaos outright.

The skirmish waned back and forth, father Bernard pressing the gors back towards the gates, his mighty voice sounding over the carnage.

“He is the rock upon which the unclean will be broken. He is the tempest...”’

Martin peered out from the gates of the temple. He knew he had promised Father Bernard not to open the mighty oak doors, but he was curios. Transfixed the small boy could only watch as the holy man fought to save them all.


Sorry about the purely fluff update, I'm almost finished with the last rank of spearmen, then I'm gonna start working on some more free company, 8 of them to do, and after that it's only 5 handgunners and 6 archers and I'm done! :D
Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

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Re: Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland
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Thats great well done.  :eusa_clap:

It's a bit scary looking at you mini's because I have done the exact same colour scheme with mine. Blue and White with Red feathers.

I have a huge 40 man Hammerer (swordsmen unit) like that and a 20 man handgunner unit. The Handgunners are the Red Feather Devils. Named after a rather good showing against my mates Dark Elves.