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Wolfenburg Reclamation Force - Ostland/Hochland
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Time to stake out another corner of the plog forum I reckon. :D

I've always owned at least a few Empire models at any given time, and themed Empire forces are another of those things that swim around in my imagination but rarely get realised, mainly because there's so much you can do with an Empire force that it's been tricky to pin down one idea long enough to make something of it before something else comes along to displace it. Previous still-born Empire projects have included:
1) Army of Bogenhafen - inspired very much by the Enemy Within Campaign from WFRP V1, I had visions of units tied to the main merchant houses (basically militia whose upkeep was maintained by their patron house, with the quality of their weapons and armour informed by the relative prosperity of their patrons), along with state troops and led by a burgomeister.
2) Averland Garrison - a small force representing those troops stationed at a fort in Blackfire Pass.
3) Battle of Hel Fenn - my most ambitious idea, and one that I'd still like to do (especially as I have a good 1.5k points of Vampire Counts tucked away awaiting their moment in the sun), this project involves building forces to represent the forces of Elector Count Martin of Stirland and Count Mannfred von Carstein that clashed at Hel Fenn. Witch hunters, Stirland Black Guard, halflings, stake and garlic string toting ogre mercenaries and foul Baba Yaga-style swamp hag complete with chicken-legged hovel (counts as Abyssal Terror) are all on the list for inclusion.
4) Hochland Great Hunt - another small force representing the estate of a Hochland Baron or Count accompanying the Baron's son as he goes on a coming-of-age hunt in the forest.
Anyway, what I've eventually settled on is a Storm of Chaos era Ostland/Hochland force.
The premise: Wolfenburg Reclamation Force
As the forces of Archaon fell upon Ostland, Elector Count Valmir von Raukov found himself faced with a difficult decision - to withdraw all available troops and close Wolfenburgs gates, aiming to meet the forces of Chaos with as strong a defence as possible, but sentencing those outside the city to death or worse at the hands of the invaders, or to split his forces, sending aid to the provinces beseiged towns, potentially weakening the Wolfenburg contingent whilst taking the war to the enemy on other fronts.   
With typical Ostland bull-headedness, von Raukov chose against hiding his men behind the city's walls and awaiting the inevitable siege, instead despatching those forces he could spare to take the fight to Archaon. Thier aim: to slow the hordes advance, releiving the towns and villages where they could, and ultimately buying time for the preparation of Wolfenburg's defences.
It wasn't enough. Wolfenburg fell, it's sons and daughters butchered within its walls, forced to flee the siege, or caught in the conflicts that waged across the Province.
One such force, sent by Raukov to stimmie Archaon's advance, was led by Gerhardt Vollker, the Grand Master of the Order of the Bloodied Bull, a knightly order whose chapterhouse stood within Wolfenburgs walls. Returning to Wolfenburg too late to aid in it's defense and recognising the folly of sending his remaining, battle weary troops into further conflict with the victorious horde, Vollker made the decision to withdraw. Swearing that he would return to wrest Wolfenburg from the vile claws of those that now claimed the once-great city, Vollker led his men west, hoping to build his forces from the various disparate troops and refugees that now abound throughout the devestated north-eastern Provinces of the Empire. One day soon, he'll lead the sons and daughters of Wolfenburg home.
So the force represents Vollkers growing army as he wanders the land. Vollker will be accompanied by inner circle knights of the Bloodied Bull, along with the battle hardened survivors of his original Ostland force. Since returning to Wolfenburg and making his vow, his force has swollen as he has crossed paths with refugees and soldiers cut off from their commanders, these survivors eagerly pledging to join his banner. Having crossed the border into Hochland, Vollker has also managed to gain the support of a Hochland forest patrol, arriving just in time to sway the tide of battle between a tribe of beastmen and the vastly outnumbered Hochlanders.
So thats the plan. No pictures to show at the moment, but in the queue for painting and assembly are:
35 Hochland halberdiers (10 are half painted, so I'll get a photo up soon)
10 Hochland handgunners (detachment)
10 Hochland swordsmen (detachment)
5 Hochland outriders
Hochland mortar and crew
Gerhardt Vollker (probably a mace-wielding White Wolf Grandmaster conversion)
20 Ostland swordsmen
12 Ostland crossbows
10 Wolfenburg Twice-Bold (Greatswords)
10 Flagellants (refugees from the city, these guys will ultimately be part of a large unit pushing a counts-as war altar in the form of the ruined great bell salvaged from the rubble of Wolfenburg's Sigmarite temple)
5 Ostland pistoliers
3 Battle Wizards (Bright, Amethyst and mounted Grey)
2 Mercenary ogres
Future acquisitions will include: knights of the Bloodied Bull, Hochland huntsmen, flagellants and war altar, more Ostland state troops and Twice bold, and some militia refugees.

So, until I start getting some photos taken, watch this space.  :happy:
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Re: Wolfenburg Reclamation Force - Ostland/Hochland
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What happened to Raukov? i haven't heard that Wolfenburg was seized during the SoC, was he slain during the siege?

The army list looks great, hey i remember those Twicebolds apperance in WD:P
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My Painting Blog:

"It was your gods who failed you. My god is always with me."

Magnus the Pious response to Asavar Kul at the Battle of Kislev's Gates, whom after being defeated by Magnus in single combat admitted defeat and said that he had failed the Chaos Gods.

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Re: Wolfenburg Reclamation Force - Ostland/Hochland
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Wolfenburg got trashed big time in the Storm. After Archaon was defeated at Middenheim, Raukov took his court to Salkalten (making it the temporary capital of Ostland, presumably until Wolfenburg is rebuilt) and has been re-establishing contact with and control over Birkeweise and Bohsenfels. (All as per Sigmars Heirs/WFRP).

To tie in with my background for the force, Raukov would have made the move to Salkalten as soon as it became clear that holding Wolfenburg wasn't an option, getting out of the Storms path so that he could consolidate the remaining Ostland forces and start planning his next move.

Thanks for reading, glad you like the list. :)

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Re: Wolfenburg Reclamation Force - Ostland/Hochland
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sounds good, a nice simple story line but with plenty of options aswell,
For solland